The Structural Acoustic Loads and Transmission Facility (SALT) is a reverberant-anechoic test suite for transmission loss, absorption, and qualification testing. The 278 m³ reverberant source room is structurally isolated from the building, and has splayed walls and ceiling to reduce the impact of standing waves in the room. A 1.4m x 1.4m window connects the reverberant source room with an  anechoic chamber (337 m³ wedge tip to wedge tip).

More detail on the capabilities of the room can be found in a conference paper documenting the facility.

SALT Floorplan

SALT Floorplan

SALT Reverberant Room

Qualification testing in reverberant source room

Reverberant Source Room

SALT Anechoic Room

Anechoic room configured for transmission loss testing

Anechoic Receiving Room

Types of Testing

Types of Measurements


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