The Liner Technology Facility (LTF) is used to measure the impedance of acoustic liners for application to the engines and airframe of aircraft.

Facility CharacteristicsLTF

Types of Testing

  • Grazing Flow Impedance Tube (GFIT)
    • Measure acoustic liner impedance
    • Evaluate flow profile effects
  • Curved Duct Test Rig (CDTR)
    • Generate selected higher-order modes
    • Evaluate duct curvature effects
    • Evaluate inlet and aft-duct configurations

Other Facility Features

  • Raylometer:  automated test rig for evaluation of DC flow resistance
  • Normal Incidence Tube:  no-flow test rig for measurement of liner acoustic impedance
  • Waveguide Calibrator:  test rig for calibration of sensors at frequencies up to 90 kHz


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