The Applied Acoustics Branch is housed in the Acoustics Research Laboratory (ARL) at NASA Langley Research Center.  Facilities in the ARL are used to conduct acoustic studies of aircraft components and models and to conduct subjective acoustic studies involving human test subjects. The primary research facilities used by branch researchers include a reverberation chamber for absorption and qualification testing, a reverberant-anechoic suite for transmission loss testing, an acoustic liner impedance facility, and human-response-to-noise laboratories.

For more information about some of the acoustics facilities used by the Applied Acoustics Branch, follow the links below.

Structural Acoustic Facilities

Liner Technology Facility

Structural Acoustic Loads and Transmission Facility

Thermal Acoustic Fatigue Apparatus

Human Response Facilities

Exterior Effects Room

Interior Effects Room

Small Anechoic Chamber

Sonic Boom Simulator

Other facilities include the Physics Area Laboratory and a small reverberant-anechoic test suite for transmission loss testing of small test articles.